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However, we are now accepting retailer orders for 2024!

The All New +Star

Discover the +Star, an innovative Christmas tree topper created by Stellar Kinetics, a pioneer in cutting-edge holiday decor. This remarkable 5-pointed star is not just a festive ornament but a technological marvel. It boasts over 16 million customizable colors, approximately 24 preset animations, and a high-density LED matrix, all controllable through a user-friendly smartphone app. Designed to fit a variety of tree sizes, the +Star is an embodiment of Stellar Kinetics’ commitment to transforming traditional holiday experiences with modern design and advanced technology.

The World’s Most Advanced Tree Topper Will Make Your Christmas Magical

The +Star tree topper is sure to dazzle your holiday guests and family with 16 million colors and dozens of animations, all customizable.

The +Star isn’t merely a decorative piece, it will be your symbol of celebration.

Millions of Colors
Plus Animations

Never before has this level of technology been applied to a tree topper.

With lightweight components and a dense matrix of fully programmable LEDs, the +Star is the most advanced decoration of its kind in the World.

 The high-brightness LEDs are capable of dazzling even in the brightest of rooms.


Create Your Own Holiday Spectacular 

A variety of options this rich has never been seen in a tree topper.

The +Star allows you to easily create a personalized holiday light display that truly reflects your personal preferences and style.


Easy Control via the WLED App

The +Star’s user controls allow you to easily and conveniently adjust your holiday light display through your phone or home network. 

Simply connect your device to the +Star directly via wifi, or connect the star to your home network to be discovered locally. 

Can be powered by a USB battery

Can be powered by a USB battery

Nightlight for children

Nightlight for children

Use as a practical light on a video set

Use as a practical light on a video set

Use it Anyway You Want

Surface mount the +Star to stand it upright on any suitable flat surface:

  • fireplace mantle or window sill
  • background light for a video set. 
  • fun light in a child’s room. 

The applications are limitless, yet always within reach of its dancing glow.

Beyond the Holidays

The +Star is not just for Christmas trees .

The +Star’s USB-C power source allows it to be powered by a wall outlet or portable USB battery packs, making it easy to use in any setting, giving you more options for placement.

Unmatched by Any Topper at Any Price

Experience for yourself the +Star, and boost your Christmas celebrations higher with an extra measure of excitement. 

Reserve your own today, and make next holiday season one to be remembered for all time!

Retailers can order for the 2024 holiday season Now!